The library’s Twitter is a companion to IMI’s very active main account @IMI_Ireland. We use the library account to speak about things that are of interest to our members, such as new books, updates, guides, hints, tips or announcements.

The great thing about Twitter is that while it is a fantastic medium for transmitting and receiving information it also gives you the opportunity to engage with IMI and the library. All official and private communication with the library should still be conducted by email and phone but please feel free to send us a tweet.

A widget with all of our recent tweets is prominent on our website so please check our site often or follow us directly.

Twitter is all about getting information you will find valuable and learning more about topics that are important to you in real time at any time. If you are already a convert or if you are interested in using Twitter to your benefit you can add @IMI_Ireland and @IMILibrary to your list to stay informed.

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