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What are the Library opening hours?

The library is open from 08:30-18:00, Monday to Friday.

Who can use the library?

The library is available to all IMI staff and students. However, personal and corporate membership is also available.
An online application form can be found here.

How do I contact the library?

You can contact the library on 01-2078513
You can also e-mail -
Twitter - @IMILIbrary

How many books can I borrow and for how long?

The limit is four books for four weeks. Masters students my borrow six books at a time.

Reference books are strictly for library use only and may not be borrowed under any circumstances.

How do I find out what books the library has?

You can search our online catalogue here by author, title, keyword or subject.

I have searched the catalogue and found a book that I want, how do I locate it?

All books are arranged by call number. The call number is printed on the spine of every book. Call numbers are codes that classify books by subject. You will find everything on a certain subject located in the same area. Leadership, for example, is classified as 658.007.1. Everything on leadership falls under this call number on the shelf. Titles are organised alphabetically by the author's surname within a subject range, e.g. 658.007.1 ADA will precede 658.007.1 BYR etc.

The catalogue will tell you whether or not a book is currently on the shelf. When you find a book on the catalogue take note of the full call number to find it. 

Can I view previous Dissertations?

It is possible to view previous Business Research Projects within the library. You can search for available dissertations through the library catalogue located here.

Type dissertation archive into the search box and you will be presented with a list of available dissertations.

Once you have selected a dissertation to view, speak to a staff member who will retrieve it on your behalf.

Please note that only one dissertation may be viewed at a time and the content cannot be reproduced or copied in any way. They are for consultation purposes only.

What is the reference shelf?

The reference shelf consists of titles are for library use only and cannot be borrowed. It is made up of some of the most frequently borrowed titles. It is located beside the computer terminals. All reference books are distinguished by a yellow sticker on the spine. 

The reference shelf is important due to the fact that some texts are always in high demand and the library does not have enough copies to satisfy all requests. However, if the text is part of the reference collection, you can photocopy what you need and return the book to the shelf. Copyright limitations are displayed by the photocopier and must be respected. 

How do I renew my books?

The easiest way to renew the books that you have checked out is to follow the link provided in the due date reminder email that you will receive before the book is due back. The same link is listed under Quick Links on You can also contact us by phone or by e-mail.

The book(s) in question can be renewed for a further four weeks unless previously requested by another patron. In this instance the book must be returned immediately.

How do I reserve a book?

The easiest way to reserve a book is to manually place a hold a hold on it when you find it in the online book catalogue. You can also contact the library either by e-mail or telephone to reserve a book. Once the title is available we will contact you to let you know. You may need to white list the address or monitor your spam folders. If you are not available to collect in person, we will post it to you (this service is only applicable to Ireland).

Can I return books to the library via post?

This is perfectly acceptable. Please address returns in secure packaging to:

IMI Library,
Sandyford Road,
Dublin 16

The library does not have material that I need, can I get it elsewhere?

There is an inter-library loan service available. This means that we can request books and journal articles from another library on a user’s behalf.

Inter-library loans carry a charge so you are requested to pay a contribution towards the total cost of obtaining any inter-library loan material. Masters research students get five complimentary loans and are charged per request thereafter:

 Journal ArticlesBooks
Masters Research Students€10€10
Diploma Students€15€30


We ask that requests only be made if absolutely necessary, due to the costs involved.

How do I apply for an inter-library loan?

To ensure that the item is not already available in the library, please check the catalogue and the journal locator before requesting an item.

Notify the library by e-mail regarding any requests that you have.

You must supply as much bibliographic detail as possible.

  • Author, year, title of book or journal article.
  • In the case of journal articles, please also supply the name of the journal.

How many inter-library loans can I request at one time?

The general rule is no more than two at any one time.

How long do they take to arrive?

Postal requests can take up to 10 days to supply. Documents ordered via the Secure Electronic Delivery service can be supplied faster - typically within 2 working days.

How long can I keep an inter-library loan?

Books are usually on loan for 2-3 weeks. The due date is determined by the lending library.

Some requests may be for library use only, this is at the request of the supplying library and is a condition that must be adhered to.

Journal articles do not need to be returned.

Inter-library loans cannot be renewed.

Repeat requests for a previously borrowed inter-library loan item are costed as a new request.

What if my inter-library loan is overdue?

Other libraries will impose overdue fines on inter-library loans. These can be substantial. Any fines incurred will be passed on to the borrower.

Do I need to return my inter-library loan to the IMI Library?

Always return your inter-library loan to the IMI Library. You never need to make contact with the original lender.

What happens if I lose or damage my inter-library loan?

The British Library (or any alternative library that we use) will impose very substantial charges if an item is lost or damaged. If they occur these charges will be passed on to you. You must inform the library if any harm comes to an inter-library loan in your possession or as soon as you suspect that you have lost an inter-library loan.

I think that I have lost a Library book, what do I do?

Firstly, contact the library and the staff will make a note of it while you continue to search for the item.

In the event that you cannot locate the item, you will be billed for the replacement cost of the book. Alternatively, we will accept a replacement copy of the same edition provided it is in good condition.

How do I access the databases?

To access the databases, you will need your login details. These will be emailed to you upon starting your course.

Where do I begin my search for journal articles?

The best way to begin your search is to use the EBSCO database. It is our largest database containing over 18,000 journals.
You can select either of our two main journal databases here.


Can I access the databases from home and the office?

You can access the electronic resources from off-campus 24/7. All that you need is your username and password.

Does the library have internet access and word processing facilities?

The library has open access wifi and five desktop computers available.

Does the Library have printing and photocopying facilities and how much does it cost?

Patrons can print articles or information from any one of five computers. We also have a photocopier available within the library.

Both printing and photocopying are complimentary to all students.

Please note that colour printing/photocopying is not available.

Can the library help with referencing?

Yes, there are guides available in the library regarding the Harvard style of referencing. The staff will gladly help you with any queries that you may have.

Can I reserve a seat in the library?

Currently there is no reservation policy in place as seats are very rarely unavailable.

Can I bring hot drinks into the library?

    Hot drinks are permitted in the library, please be careful and considerate of other students.