Plagiarism is defined as passing off another's work or ideas as your own. The only way to avoid plagiarism is to correctly acknowledge every instance where you have used the work of others.

Faculty who review and grade IMI assignments are widely read in their field and can easily identify if something has been copied from another source. To do so is a serious academic offence.

All published or unpublished sources of information whether in print or electronic format should be treated as original sources of information and acknowledged accordingly. Examples of original source material include:

  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Tutor and class notes
  • Company, market and research reports
  • Diagrams, logos and tables

Self Plagiarism
Self plagiarism occurs when a student submits material that has already been graded as part of a previous assignment. In order to prevent this taking place, each piece of work should be presented as a stand alone item for assessment. Acts of self plagiarism will be dealt with by the Programme Director on a case by case basis.