Book Borrowing

Book Borrowing

Library users may borrow up to 4 print books for 4 weeks at a time. Master’s level programme participants may borrow up to 6 books. We can post books free of charge to borrowers in Ireland. Borrowers have responsibility for the cost and safe return of any items returned by post. Find out more.

Reference Service

Reference Service

The library staff are trained to answer your questions. You won’t know how helpful we can be unless you ask for help.

Study Space

Study Space

The library has desks and individual study booths, each with its own power supply and charging ports. Visitors to the library can use the WiFi or computers as well as do photocopying and printing.

Individual and Group Study Rooms

Individual and Group Study Rooms

Rooms located on the hallway adjacent to the library are available for quiet study or group collaboration. Contact reception by phone (+353 1 207 8400) or by email: reception@imi.ie



You will need Adobe Digital Editions to borrow e-books.

Audio Books
You will need the EBSCO Audiobook App to listen to e-audio books. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. Apple users can download it from the App Store.

Inter-Library Loans

Inter-Library Loans

We may be able to source books or articles from other libraries if they are not available from our collection.

Making an Application

You can always tick the option to add results beyond the library collection to your search. If you click into the detailed view of an article for which there is no full text you will typically see an option to the right: Request via Inter-library Loan. You can submit this form to the library.

Alternatively, you can to contact the library directly. You should provide as much information about a request as you can, including:

    the title
    year of publication
    ISBN if it is a book

And if it is an article:

    volume and issue number
    page range


An inter-library loan costs €6.00. Payment can only be made by card.


Once the request has been submitted and paid for, the normal time for delivery for articles is typically no longer than 2-3 days. Articles are supplied in print.

Books normally take 8-9 working days to arrive but this can be longer. The loan period for most books is 2-3 weeks but it possible that they may be recalled earlier.

Some items may be for library use only at the request of the supplying library.

Returns / Renewals

Journal articles do not need to be returned. You should only ever return ILLs to IMI, never to the library of origin. Failure to return books on time may incur overdue costs or may prevent future loans. In general, inter-library loans cannot be renewed.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged

Other libraries will impose overdue fines on inter-library loans. These can be substantial. Any fines incurred will be passed on to the borrower. Libraries will impose very substantial charges if an item is lost or damaged. If they occur these charges will be passed on to the borrower. The borrower must inform the library if any harm comes to an inter-library loan in their possession or as soon as they suspect that they have lost an inter-library loan.

Information for Other Libraries

To make a request please email knowledge@imi.ie.

For libraries which use the BLDSC billing system, the request code is DB/S-4.