As academic students, you are expected to consult and refer to various sources of information within the main body of your text in order to demonstrate your awareness of the current state of knowledge in a particular subject area. The most common sources of information will range from books and journal articles to web-pages and all classroom material.
It is essential that detailed and precise information on all sources of information referred to is included in your text.

This allows…

  • The reader to recognise instances where you have used another person’s work
  • The reader to locate the source documents used
  • To check, if necessary, the evidence on which your discussion or argument is based

You need to identify these documents by citing them in the main body of your text (known as in-text citations) and referencing them at the end of your work in the bibliography.
Failure to do this is considered an act of plagiarism and will be dealt with by the programme director on a case by case basis.