We are extremely excited to launch what we consider a much improved interface.

We wanted to make finding information as easy as possible. Opportunities for the staff to share their knowhow have also been created. Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

Simplified Searching the Resources - Tabbed Search Box

Library users can now access all of our major databases by selecting the appropriate tab, signing in and searching. We know library websites can be confusing and we wanted to make it as simple as possible.

Stay Informed section

The Library staff will be contributing to this area regularly. The most recent posts will appear in the carousel on the homepage. All other posts can be retrieved by clicking 'Stay Informed' at the top of the screen. We think of this area as a chance to assist your research by sharing our knowhow. Post will include recurring questions from course participants, tips and tricks for more effective searching, writing advice and much, much more. Keep your eye on this space!

Simple Authentication

The Library has evolved from using the Athens system to a bespoke design which gives us more control and more options in terms of how we connect our users to content such as articles, reports, guides, news, etc. While much of this functionality is controlled on the admin side of the site, you should know our tabbed search box would not be possible without this change.

Twitter The IMI Library twitter feed has been live for roughly one month. We are using this space to highlight content which might be relevant to our users. For example, we tweeted the link to the guide for using MS Word to manage your references, interviews with authors of new library books and pictures of our latest promotions. Keep your eye on this space too!


QuickLinks is designed to make the most regularly visited pages of the library site available at all times. It is our hope that with this section, combined with the breadcrumb feature, users will always know where they are within the site and can easily choose where they want to go. Less use of the 'Back' button on your browser means good web design.

Opening Hours One of the most frequent questions we receive on the desk pertains to opening hours. We want to make sure this information is always available rather than buried within heaps of text. The second box on the right will always contain this information.

Site Navigation - Nothing More Than One Click Away

In keeping with the simplicity of the site design, our plan was to have no content more than one click away. We are quite happy to have achieved this. We hope you'll appreciate it as well. It should mean more time searching for content and less time searching for a section of the site.

Referencing Receives a Separate Section

Because all course participants struggle with referencing at some point, we have decided to bring this content forward as a main section of the site. Ronan has worked hard to simplify the information you need. We hope this takes some of the stress out of this important part of the academic process.

Meet the Staff

This area is a chance for all library users to learn a bit about the library staff. We want you to be comfortable asking questions. What better way to make you comfortable than helping you get to know us! What do you think of the design? Is there a particular feature you like or do you think we left anything out? Please share your thoughts and comments in the space provided.