The May/June 2023 Issue of Harvard Business Review Magazine is available to read in the IMI Knowledge Centre.

The main article is entitled, Managing Yourself: A New Approach to Building Your Personal Brand: How to communicate your value to the world, by Jill Avery and Rachel Greenwald. In this article the authors discuss a seven-step personal branding process drawing on the latest academic research, with the goal being to enhance visibility, expand networks and attract new opportunities.

These seven steps they discuss include: 1. Define your purpose, 2. Audit your personal brand equity, 3. Construct your personal narrative, 4. Embody your brand, 5. Communicate your brand story, 6. Socialize your brand and 7. Reevaluate and adjust your brand.

Other articles in the Harvard Business Review May/June 2023 include:

Brand Management: How Brand Building and Performance Marketing Can Work Together, Innovation: Innovation Doesn't Have To Be Disruptive
Business & Society: How to Create a Stakeholder Strategy