New books this month focus on areas such as marketing plans, business communication, leadership, research and more. The titles listed below are only a small section of the new additions. If you wish to borrow any of the books listed or find out what other fascinating titles are available, please get in touch!

The highly effective marketing plan / Peter Knight

Location: 658.8.012.2 KNI

A Highly Effective Marketing Plan (HEMP) is a process that will dramatically improve your chances of profitably selling more of your products and services. And HEMP will stop you wasting thousands, maybe millions of pounds, dollars, euros or yen on marketing initiatives that should never see the light of day. HEMP is a straightforward, simple, 17 step plan which you can use to address your problems and opportunities whatever their size, whatever your business, whatever sector you operate in. (Pearson)

Organization: contemporary principles and practices / John Child

Location: 658.013 CHI

Organization: Contemporary Principles and Practices, Second Edition is the completely updated and revised landmark guide to "macro" organization theory and design, fully grounded in current international practice. International management expert John Child explores the conditions facilitating the development of new organizational forms and provides up-to-date coverage of the key developments driving new organization structure and practice. With detailed case studies and examples from throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and North America, Organization provides a truly international overview for advanced students and business executives who want to be at the forefront of the evolution in Organization Theory. (Wiley)

Business communication: rethinking your professional practice for the post-digital age / Peter Hartley and Peter Chatterton

Location: 658.012.45 HAR

Effective communication in business and commercial organizations is critical, as organizations have to become more competitive and effective to sustain commercial success. This thoroughly revamped new edition distils the principles of effective communication and applies them to organizations operating in the digital world. Techniques and processes detailed in the book include planning and preparing written communication, effective structures in documents, diverse writing styles, managing face-to-face interactions, using visual aids, delivering presentations, and organising effective meetings. (Routledge)

Competing values leadership / Kim S. Cameron, Robert E. Quinn and Jeff Degraff

Location: 658.007.1 CAM

This book serves as the key source for understanding the Competing Values Framework, one of the most widely used and highly cited frameworks in the world. The authors, who have been at the foundation of developing, applying and studying this framework for over three decades, explain how it helps foster successful leadership, improve organizational effectiveness and promote value creation. In addition to updating the examples and references, this second edition provides a new chapter motivated by recent criticisms of the framework. In this chapter, the authors address these concerns and provide empirical evidence of the continuing effectiveness of the model. (Edward Elgar)

The action research dissertation: a guide for students and faculty / Kathryn Herr and Gary L. Anderson

Location: 001.891 HER

This Second Edition continues to provide an accessible roadmap that honors the complexity of action research, while providing an overview of how action research is defined, its traditions and history, and the rationale for using it. The authors demonstrate that action research is not only appropriate for a dissertation, but also is a deeply rewarding experience for both the researcher and participants. This practical book demonstrates how action research dissertations are different from more traditional dissertations and prepares students and their committees for the unique dilemmas they may face, such as validity, positionality, design, write-up, ethics, and dissertation defense. (SAGE)

Act like a leader, think like a leader / Herminia Ibarra

Location: 658.007.1 IBA

You aspire to lead with greater impact. The problem is you're busy executing on today's demands. You know you have to carve out time from your day job to build your leadership skills, but it's easy to let immediate problems and old mind-sets get in the way. Herminia Ibarra--an expert on professional leadership and development and a renowned professor at INSEAD, a leading international business school--shows how managers and executives at all levels can step up to leadership by making small but crucial changes in their jobs, their networks, and themselves. (Harvard Business Review Press)

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