New books this month focus on areas such as business models, leadership, sales and more. The titles listed below are only a small section of the new additions. If you wish to borrow any of the books listed or find out what other fascinating titles are available, please get in touch!

Work rules!: insights from inside Google that will transform how you live and lead / Laszlo Bock

Location: 658.310.834 BOC

Drawing on behavioral economics and human psychology, Bock provides teaching examples from a range of industries. He also reveals why Google is consistently rated one of the best places to work, sharing counterintuitive principles that are easy to put into action. WORK RULES! shows how to strike a balance between creativity and structure, leading to success you can measure in quality of life as well as market share. (

Cases in leadership / edited by W. Glenn Rowe and Laura Guerrero

Location: 658.007.1 ROW

Cases in Leadership, Fourth Edition is a unique collection of 30 real-world leadership cases from Ivey Publishing plus 15 practitioner readings from the Ivey Business Journal. This up-to-date casebook instructs business students to gain a better understanding of leadership and prepares them to be more effective leaders throughout their careers. This casebook has proven to be an invaluable companion to any standard leadership text by connecting theory to practice through actual cases. (SAGE Publications)

Business operation models: becoming a disruptive competitor / Martin Christopher and Alan Braithwaite

Location: 658.5 CHR

In Business Operations Models, Martin Christopher and Alan Braithwaite identify the characteristics of market-leading businesses that have transformed their markets and delivered super performance for their stakeholders. It points to the theory gap between strategic thinking and operations and how many high-performing businesses arrive at their new operating models as much by chance as judgment. Business Operations Models offers a framework for achieving super performance and understanding when and how a company may be able to leverage its capabilities to outperform. (KoganPage)

The new oil: using innovative business models to turn data into profit / Arent van’t Spijker

Location: 658:004.6 SPI

In The New Oil, Arent van ‘t Spijker explains how companies such as Google, Nike and Adara are leveraging a ‘Data Driven Strategy’. Many other examples highlight the applications and commercial potential for data. Van 't Spijker describes five typical business models for monetizing data that help you to develop viable business models for leveraging data in your own company. He then shows how to successfully put these business models to practice. Above all, he will inspire you to follow in the footsteps of market leaders. (

Badass: making users awesome / Kathy Sierra

Location: 658.8 SIE

Imagine you’re in a game with one objective: a bestselling product or service. The rules? No marketing budget, no PR stunts, and it must be sustainably successful. No short-term fads. This is not a game of chance. It is a game of skill and strategy. It begins with a single question: given competing products of equal pricing, promotion, and perceived quality, why does one outsell the others? The answer doesn’t live in the sustainably successful products or services. The answer lives in those who use them. Our goal is to craft a strategy for creating successful users. (O’Reilly Media)

Leadership 2030: the six megatrends you need to understand to lead your company into the future / Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell

Location: 658.007.1 VIE

The book illustrates the dramatic impact these megatrends are having on companies and on their markets, cultures, systems, and processes. It sets out a compelling vision of how firms will need to be structured and led in the future. It is the first business book to analyze the six megatrends – in isolation and in combination – and explore their implications for organizations and leaders. Leadership 2030 highlights how the business leaders of tomorrow will need to be very different to those of today. (AMACOM)

The sales acceleration formula: using data, technology, and inbound selling to go from $0 to $100 million / Mark Roberge

Location: 658.85 ROB

The Sales Acceleration Formula provides a scalable, predictable approach to growing revenue and building a winning sales team. Everyone wants to build the next $100 million business and author Mark Roberge has actually done it using a unique methodology that he shares with his readers. In this book, he reveals his formulas for success. Readers will learn how to apply data, technology, and inbound selling to every aspect of accelerating sales, including hiring, training, managing, and generating demand. (Wiley)

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