New books this month focus on areas such as leadership, management, human resource management and more. The titles listed below are only a small section of the new additions. If you wish to borrow any of the books listed or find out what other fascinating titles are available, please get in touch!

Leadership: practice and perspectives / Kevin Roe

Location: 658.007.1 ROE

This accessible and comprehensive textbook is designed specifically to develop students understanding of leadership in a variety of contexts. Assuming no prior experience of leadership in the business world, this book is a must-read for students embarking on their study of leadership, while thinking ahead to their own future employment. Drawing upon the author s extensive practical and academic experience, the book illustrates leadership in action using a wealth of international case studies. (Oxford University Press)

Human resource management: strategic & international perspectives / Jonathan R. Crawshaw, Pawan Budhwar and Ann Davis

Location: 658.3 CRA

This new text treats international, strategic and contemporary issues as central to the study and practice of Human Resource Management. Covering the core curriculum, this book provides all the knowledge and tools you need to get the best possible grades and achieve career success after university. (Sage)

Key Features:

  • Skills and employability focus will help you to develop the key transferable skills valued by graduate employers
  • Debating HRM boxes encourage critical analysis and debate
  • International and cross-cultural cases and discussion will prepare you for the global workplace
  • Contemporary and strategic issues are introduced early on, underpinning the HRM functions
  • Chapters on SMEs and the not-for-profit and voluntary sectors will ensure that your knowledge and skills can be applied in a range of organisational settings

The little book of big management theories and how to use them / James McGrath and Bob Bates

Location: 658 MCG

89 management theories from the world’s best management thinkers – the fast, focused and express route to success. As a busy manager, you need solutions to everyday work problems fast. The Little Book of Big Management Theories gives you access to the very best theories and models that every manager should know and be able to use. Cutting through the waffle and hype, McGrath and Bates concentrate on the theories that really matter to managers day-to-day. Each theory is covered in two pages – telling you what it is, how to use it and the questions you should be asking – so you can immediately apply your new knowledge in the real world. (Pearson)

HBR guide to coaching employees / Harvard Business Review

Location: 658.310.85 HBR

In the "HBR Guide to Coaching Employees" you'll learn how to: Create realistic but inspiring plans for growth; Ask the right questions to engage your employees in the development process; Give them room to grapple with problems and discover solutions; Allow them to make the most of their expertise while compelling them to stretch and grow; Give them feedback they'll actually apply; Balance coaching with the rest of your workload. Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, from a source you trust. (Harvard Business Review Press)

Business exposed: the naked truth about what really goes on in the world of business / Freek Vermeulen

Location: 658 VER

This is not a business book: it’s a fast-paced, mind-boggling book about business. What really goes on inside businesses? What covers them in glory – and what douses them in failure? What are CEOs really like? Who are the gods and who are the villains? How does money get made – and lost? How can success today mean failure tomorrow? What’s this strategy thing? Why do good businesses go bad? Business Exposed asks all the unspoken questions and reveals the surprising, sometimes shocking, answers. (Freek Vermeulen)

The fine art of success: how learning great art can create great business / Jamie Anderson, Jorg Reckhenrich and Martin Kupp

Location: 658.012.6 AND

You've read about Jack Welch, Lou Gerstner and Steve Jobs - but what can you learn about business from van Gogh and Picasso? The Fine Art of Success shows why you should look to pop-stars like Madonna or artists like Damian Hirst for guidance on innovation, competitive advantage, leadership, and a host of other business issues. Managers, marketing professionals, and students will see how these creative artists can help their organizations. (Wiley)

Everybody writes: your go-to guide to creating ridiculously good content / Ann Handley

Location: 658.8:004.738.5 HAN

In Everybody Writes, top marketing veteran Ann Handley gives expert guidance and insight into the process and strategy of content creation, production and publishing, with actionable how-to advice designed to get results. These lessons and rules apply across all of your online assets — like web pages, home page, landing pages, blogs, email, marketing offers, and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. (Wiley)

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