Visitors to the library will know that we always highlight new and relevant titles. But we have thousands of books that are always circulating. Our idea here is to give a nudge to books that might have gotten a bit lost in the crowd or to others that you might just have missed.

The list below is not exhaustive. It is intended as a jumping off point for discovery. The focus in this post is on books relating to people, i.e. personnel management, talent management and teams.

Tip: You don't have to be in the library to browse our shelves. If you are searching for any of the books here you can click on subject tags like 'Personnel management' or 'Teams in the workplace' in our book catalogue to find books on the same subject. You can also sort your search results by date to keep up to date with the latest arrivals. 


The Power of Global Teams / Elizabeth Marx

Location: 658.310.324.4 MAR 


Managing and Delivering Performance / Bernard Marr

Location: 658.310.16 MAR


The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predicatable Success / Les McKeown

Location: 658.310.324.4 MCK


Smart Tribes: How Teams Become Brilliant Together / Christine Comaford

Location: 658.310.324.4 COM


Judgment Calls: 12 Stories of Big Decisions and the Teams that Got Them Right / Thomas H. Davenport & Brook Manville

Location: 658.310.324.4 DAV


Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent / Nolan Bushnell with Gene Stone

Location: 658.310.834 BUS


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