You may have an EBSCO sub-account / My EBSCOhost account under a self-created username.

You were most likely prompted to set this up when you attempted to access an e-book hosted by EBSCO.

We have asked EBSCO to work on removing the need for this type of additional login to make the user experience more seamless. This is scheduled to take place in early December.

If you have only ever used your EBSCO folder to access e-books, then the planned upgrade will most likely be of little concern to you and no action will be required.

If you use your folder for additional features like saved searches or journal alerts

You will find it difficult after December 3 to access previously saved searches or journal alerts once the upgrade is made if your My EBSCOhost account username does not match your standard IMI login (which will look something like: 1234567xy). After the upgrade EBSCO is expected to consistently recognise you by your standard IMI username without the need for a self-created sub-account / My EBSCOhost account username. You should make a note of any saved searches or journal alerts before December. Contact the library if you have any questions or experience any difficulties after the upgrade.