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Stay Informed is a series of hints, tips, guides and recommendations written by the Library Staff to help make using the library easier and more enjoyable.

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Subject Focus: Leadership

A recurring topic in business, the art of effective leadership continues to occupy the minds of both employers and employees. According to Deloitte, only 6% of organisations surveyed believe they are “very ready” to meet their leadership needs.

The role of a business leader can be complex, here are some habits to remember.

Leadership encompasses many different styles depending on the context or situation. The very best leaders know how and when to adapt their style. Best-selling author Daniel Goleman provides a quick reminder of six different styles and how they might work for you.

High potentials singled out for future leadership positions can suddenly find themselves changing how they work in order to conform to organisational leadership ideals. In doing so, there is a chance they might lose what made them unique in the first place. Learn how to spot and avoid the talent curse.

Succession planning. This is a real issue facing organisations and needs to be addressed. One of the greatest challenges over the next three years is predicted to be organisation-wide leadership capability and senior-level succession planning. Get up to speed with the latest research and start planning now.

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