New books this month focus on areas such as strategy, teams, marketing and relationship building. The titles listed below are only a small section of the new additions. If you wish to borrow any of the books listed or find out what other fascinating titles are available, please get in touch!

The rocket model / Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan

Location: 658.310.324.4 CUR

In business, high-performing teams can achieve superior results to individuals. Teams are also susceptible to countless forms of dysfunction, and, if poorly managed, even the most talented groups can fall flat. Written by industry iconoclasts Drs. Gordon Curphy and Robert Hogan, The Rocket Model taps research and experience by the world’s leading experts on human behavior, leadership, and team dynamics to create a practical model for building and managing high-performing teams.

Connect / Josh Turner

Location: 658.8:004.738.5 TUR

We all know the importance of relationships in creating and growing a business, and yet most of us don’t know exactly what to do about it. We go to networking events, meet associates for coffee, or maybe even email prospective clients, but it’s never quite enough. The challenge that faces us, and the problem with these activities, is that they don’t scale. The number of people you need to need to meet in order to advance your business, build your influence, and fill the top of your sales funnel is simply too many to handle. This book contains the solution.

Team genius: the new science of high-performing organisations / Rich Karlgaard and Michael Malone

Location: 658.310.324.4 KAR

 A groundbreaking book that sheds new light on the vital importance of teams as the fundamental unit of organization and competition in the global economy. Offering vivid reports of the latest scientific research, compelling case studies, and great storytelling, Team Genius shows managers and executives that the planning, design, and management of great teams no longer have to be a black art. It explores solutions to essential questions that could spell the difference between success and obsolescence.

Your strategy needs a strategy: how to choose and execute the right approach / Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes and Janmejaya Sinha

Location: 658.012.2 REE

You think you have a winning strategy. But do you? Executives are bombarded with bestselling ideas and best practices for achieving competitive advantage, but many of these ideas and practices contradict each other. Should you aim to be big or fast? The Boston Consulting Group's Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, and Janmejaya Sinha offer a proven method to determine the strategy approach that is best for your company.

Content machine / Dan Norris

Location: 658.8:004.738.5 NOR

Content Machine outlines a strategy for using content marketing to build a 7 figure business with zero advertising. By teaching the fundamentals of content marketing, how to create great content and how to stand out from the crowd, it simplifies the otherwise challenging process of creating content with impact. The book outlines the #1 biggest mistake that kills content marketing efforts and how the best content marketers in the world have built their audience, their content and their business. It provides downloads and frameworks to help the reader with every aspect of content marketing, from idea generation, to writing guidelines, to hiring and scaling a content team.

Boards that lead: when to take charge, when to partner, and when to stay out of the way / Ram Charan, Michael Useem, and Dennis Carey

Location: 658.012.432 CHA

Is your firm's board creating value--or destroying it? Change is coming. Leadership at the top is being redefined as boards take a more active role in decisions that once belonged solely to the CEO. But for all the advantages of increased board engagement, it can create debilitating questions of authority and dangerous meddling in day-to-day operations. Directors need a new road map--for when to lead, when to partner, and when to stay out of the way. Boardroom veterans Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, and Michael Useem advocate this new governance model--a sharp departure from what has been demanded by governance activists, raters, and regulators--and reveal the emerging practices that are defining shared leadership of directors and executives.

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