New books this month focus on areas such as communications, innovation, coaching, customer management and more. The titles listed below are only a small section of the new additions. If you wish to borrow any of the books listed or find out what other fascinating titles are available, please get in touch!

The innovation expedition: a visual toolkit to start innovation / Gijs vanWulfen (2013)

Location: 658.011.4 WUL

The Innovation Expedition does for innovation what Alexander Osterwalder's mega bestseller Business Model Generation did for business modeling: it makes a complicated business subject very accessible by telling the story in a visual way. Innovation is highly relevant to every organization. Yet, eighty percent of innovation projects never reach the market. Many have a false start. The Innovation Expedition is written to inspire you with practical tools on HOW to start innovation effectively. It gives you practical and visual tools. It’s written for innovators: managers, consultants, entrepreneurs and organization leaders.

The jelly effect: how to make your communication stick / Andy Bounds (2007)

Location: 658.012.45 BOU

How effective is the communication you experience every day? How often have you been bored during a presentation? Failed to win a piece of business that, deep down, you know you should have won? Had a tedious, pointless networking conversation? Countless times, no doubt. Too much information and not enough relevance is a problem that pervades almost all business communication. You see, the way many people communicate is like filling a bucket with jelly, flinging it at their audience, and hoping some of it sticks. It's ineffective, it's irritating and, above all, it's very messy. So what's the answer? More relevance and a lot less jelly.

Developing management skills: global edition / David A. Whetten and Kim S. Cameron (2015)

Location: 658.336.3 WHE

In its Ninth Edition, Developing Management Skills has become the standard in hands-on management learning. Designed for students of all skill levels and learning styles, the text allows students to apply knowledge to real-world situations, connect concepts to their own lives, and experience management theory in a tactile and engaging way. Updated for tomorrow’s managers, this text features contemporary examples, new skill assessments and cases, updated research, and tangible, relevant goals for students to work toward.

Coaching agile teams: a companion for scrumMasters, agile coaches and project managers in transition / Lyssa Adkins (2010)

Location: 658.310.85 ADK

As an agile coach, you can help project teams become outstanding at agile, creating products that make them proud and helping organizations reap the powerful benefits of teams that deliver both innovation and excellence. More and more frequently, ScrumMasters and project managers are being asked to coach agile teams. But it’s a challenging role. It requires new skills—as well as a subtle understanding of when to step in and when to step back. Migrating from “command and control” to agile coaching requires a whole new mind-set. In Coaching Agile Teams, Lyssa Adkins gives agile coaches the insights they need to adopt this new mind-set and to guide teams to extraordinary performance in a re-energized work environment.

Driven to delight: delivering world class customer experience the Mercedes-Benz way / Joseph Michelli (2015)

Location: 658.818 MIC

Driven to Delight explores how Mercedes-Benz USA transformed itself into a best-in-class, customer-obsessed organization. It offers an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at CEO Steve Cannon and his leadership team's ambitious, multi-pronged strategy to elevate the company's customer experience to rival the world’s most customer-centric brands. Leaders within Mercedes-Benz USA transformed operations and culture through their strategic vision to be "Driven to Delight." Filled with tools necessary to craft a compelling leadership's vision, Driven to Delight is a blueprint for how to tactically effect transformational change through people, process and technology.

SOSTAC: the guide to your perfect digital marketing plan / P.R. Smith (2015)

Location: 658.8.012.2 SMI

How to build the perfect digital marketing plan that boosts results. PR Smith's SOSTAC Planning System can be learned in 3 minutes and applied, immediately, to any plan (business plan, marketing plan. digital marketing plan, integrated marketing plan, even your own life plan. Voted in the Top 3 Marketing Models worldwide by the Chartered Institute Of Marketing’s Centenary Poll, the SOSTAC Planning System is used by both blue chips and start-ups because of its crystal clear simple, logical structure. SOSTAC delivers a reassuring sense of order, as it reduces the chaos of information overload and structures a plan into a focussed set of tactics and actions driven by a carefully structured strategy, built from focused analysis and crystal clear objectives.

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