Stay Informed

Stay Informed is a series of hints, tips, guides and recommendations written by the Library Staff to help make using the library easier and more enjoyable.


Library Refurbishment

The library is being refurbished between August and September.

We hope that while the work is underway it will have as little impact as possible but you are advised to be prepared for some disruption to library services. You should check or @IMILibrary for updates if you are planning a visit in August or September.

We're moving

The library needs to be temporarily relocated to room B2. This will necessitate closing to move the book collection.

August closure dates:

  • Friday, August 10

  • Monday, August 13

  • Tuesday, August 14


  • Wednesday, August 15

  • Thursday, August 16

It will not be possible to borrow books or avail of study spaces while the collection is being moved and librarians will not be available to answer queries. Normal service will resume on Wednesday, August 15.

Summer opening hours:

  • 9.00am-5.00pm, Wednesday, August 15 - Friday, August 24

When we expect to move back

We plan to move back to our regular location between September 10-14. These dates are provisional and might change. Further closure dates are likely around this time. We will be able to confirm specifics closer to the time.

How this might affect you

There are very few class days or assignments due in the affected period but we strongly advise that you check your schedule and plan your book borrowing, particularly ahead of dates when the library is expected to be closed and particularly in the month of September.

B2 is a smaller space than our regular location. While browsing and borrowing will be possible there will be no space for study desks. If you are coming to the campus between now and the end of the refurbishment and you require study space you should contact reception to check room availability: / 01 207 8429. Unfortunately, computer access and copying/printing will not be available. Access to archival material stored in the library might not always be possible in August and September. [Updated: 15 August 2018]

Remote access to online resources will be unaffected.


We are very excited about the upgrades to the library and look forward to welcoming you back when it is finished.

The Library Team